• Shipping Information

    ADI Firearms ships via USPS, UPS, and FedEx depending on their regulations and what is least expensive for the buyer.  We insure each shipment.

  • Contacting ADI Firearms

    Feel free to send your questions to Support@ADIFirearms.com  or call 541-882-1088 (Pacific Time Zone). We are happy to answer questions or look for that special gun for you!

  • Credit Cards

    We currently are accepting Visa and MasterCards for payment as well as Visa and MasterCard enabled check or debit cards.

Guns Online

Legal Considerations

All the gun-haters and gun-doubters would like you to believe that buying guns online is somehow illegal or immoral or fattening.  Well it is NOT.  It happens many times a day, successfully and legally!  There is one extra step in buying guns online beyond the basic requirement you are able to own a gun (be of age, no criminal record, no court restraining orders, US citizen, etc).  That step is that you must receive the gun from the internet seller through a local FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee).  They are familiar with all your local requirements and will fill out all the needed paperwork for you.  Once finished with those requirements, you get the gun. Simple really!

Our Gun Inventory

We have lots of guns.  The "New Products" pictures above are only a sample. Check out our Catalog ("Catagories" in the lower left corner) and browse the categories of guns you might like.  If we don't have it, we can quickly get it!  Let us know of your needs!  We are low overhead and very competative in our prices!