Limited liability

ADI Firearms can not control customers' use of its products and thus can not be responsible for any damages, injuries, or legal problems resulting from the use of any of its products.  ADI Firearms is held blameless by any customer who purchases any goods or services from us.  Otherwise, do not make the purchase.

Customers are responsible for their being legally able to own and operate firearms.  We do everything in our power to do background checks and to be aware of the laws of all US states and localities.  We utilize local FFL holders to do the actual background checks in all states (except Oregon where we do this ourselves.) and must rely upon them for honest, legal transfer to you. Ultimately the customer is legally responsible for the compliance with Federal, State, and local firearms laws and regulations.

If you have questions about your obligations we recommend you consult with your local Secretary of State online to read current regulations applying to you.  For Federal requirements the BATF site is a good source of these regulations. Click here for the BATF.