Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

Purchasing firearms and accessories from ADI Firearms acknowledges your agreement that ADI Firearms can not control your use nor abuse of its products and therefore ADI Firearms is held without liability for your use of its products.  You the buyer assumes all responsibility for injury, loss, or damages.

Rule 2

If you find the product delivered to you to have been damaged or to have been misrepresented by ADI Firearms you are granted a 7 day return period from the date of your receipt to return the product(s) to ADI Firearms.  You must first contact ADI Firearms for a return authorization form.  You are responsible for the return packing and for shipping expenses.

Rule 3

Buyer acknowledges that "Acts of God" may delay delivery or prevent shipping of products to the buyer. In the event a product(s) can not be provided to the buyer as agreed by your purchase from ADI Firearms, any payments submitted will be returned and the purchase will be cancelled without prejudice.